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Welcome to LuneRoseAthletics, a holistic wellness concierge service featuring Vinyasa Yoga Pop-Ups, Curated Wellness Events, and Wellness Consulting. Our mission is to empower individuals to live a mindful, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle through the practice of yoga and wellness experiences. Our team of experienced yoga instructors is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing space for practitioners of all levels to explore and deepen their practice. We believe that yoga is for everyone, and we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive community. Join us for a class or an event and experience the transformative power of yoga!

Meet Lauren Naomi

At Lune Rose Athletics, we believe that a holistic approach to balance is the key to wellness and a more centered life. Our mission is to provide a safe space for our clients to explore and cultivate their personal wellness journey. We work to empower our clients to make permanent, positive changes in their lives.

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